Mid-September Moxie & Clean Munchies to Boot!

Happy almost Fall! Here is a quick, on the go, mini -workout to kick up your moxie, energize your spirit and move your body when you are not in the studio. Use your Pilates principles and stay connected to the work. Additionally, see the food link below to keep you focused on good, clean, resources for your body, mind and mojo as we transition out of summer.

Movement Joy:

(Remember to stay in your body, focus on form, activate and engage from the inside out, breathe.)

20 Jumping Jacks while SMILING.

20 Jabs /Crosses (hold light weights or water bottles) starting with right arm in front first, then left arm. Repeat twice. FIERCE BUT KIND PUNCHES.

Squats/ Bodyweight Only, 2 minutes. TRY SINGING.

Drop to Shoulder Plank , 1 Minute (Knees down for modification). DELIBERATE CALM.

Add 15 Narrow Push-Ups at the end of the plank. EXHALE NEGATIVE ENERGY.

Roll onto back side (supine) and find a holding bridge, 1 minute. SMILING AGAIN.

Come down from the bridge and commit to 15, slow, double-leg, straight leg drops, lying on back, hands gently behind head for support, transverse ab engaged, inhale lower, exhale belly to spine on the lift. WITH VERVE & MOXIE.

Recover and stretch. Repeat a second set.

Clean Fall Eating Ideas from Dutch Foodie and Blogger, Rens Kroes:

Rens has some fabulous recipes for Fall clean eating. She published her first food book, Powerfood, in 2014 and has been inspiring clean food sustainability since. Copy the attached link to view the recipes for additions to your pantry and plate!



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