Successful Zooming / Online Classes & Privates with Florinda Ferguson Method

What is the Online Zoom Platform and How Do I Take Online Classes with Florinda Ferguson Method?

Zoom is an online video platform I use to teach Movement and Mindset Training to busy, active humans who would like supplemental and customized, live, real-time coaching and instruction from the comfort, ease and convenience of their home, travel, work or vacation space!

Which Zoom style works for me~~Group Class or Private and what is the difference? Private Zoom Coaching is for an individual & consists of 20 minutes of customized bodywork and mindset focus for clients who need greater flexibility in scheduling. Privates cost $25 for each session. Group Class Zooms are pre-scheduled each month. Clients join the Zoom class 5 minutes before it starts. The sessions are 30 minutes total (26 minutes of active movement) including sign in, workout and cool down/restore. You pay $50 per calendar month as an introductory rate and can do as many classes as work for your schedule. The introductory platform launching in March 2019 will offer 4 Zoom Online Classes each week.

How do I know what the Monthly Zoom Class Schedule is? Simply check the B.L.O.G. Your Well tab on this website and click on the post that says “Zoom Class Schedule MARCH” for example. You can scroll down if you can’t see it right away.

How do I sign up/purchase my Zoom Pass if the monthly schedule looks like a fit for me? Simply log into your account (or create one online at the website) and go to the Online Store. If you are a current studio client, you have already signed a studio waiver. New clients will sign the online waiver as the account is created by clicking on RESOLVE when the waiver portion appears.

Purchase your monthly Zoom Pass under Privates & Online Coaching, not under BarrePilates Classes. CLIENTS MUST PURCHASE A GROUP ZOOM PASS WITHIN THE FIRST 5 DAYS OF THE MONTH. IF YOU MISS THE CUT OFF, YOU NEED TO WAIT TILL THE NEXT MONTH to jump online. The Zoom Pass is not refundable. You are not committing to a membership and can buy the months that work for you. Please make sure you have an active email attached to your account.

How do you actually get into the class each time it is held? Great question! When you purchase your pass, you should get an email receipt from the studio. Your email is how you will receive the new Zoom link for each class offered. 5 minutes before each class online, a ZOOM will be sent to the email you provided with a link to join in. You then open the link, and get ready to move!

Do you need to tell me whether you are attending each session? No! Just be on time for your log in. If you join late, we will have started and you will have to follow along and pick up where we are. The online program does not stop for latecomers!

What happens after you log into the class? You will see me on your screen. Immediately go to the bottom left hand corner and hit AUDIO OFF so that you can hear me, but that I cannot hear you or your surroundings. Then make sure the Video Screen button is ON. It’s right next to the Audio button. Now I can see you moving! Yes, I can see you. That’s important! Option to then go to the top right of your screen and click Gallery vs. Speaker. You can decide which way you prefer to watch. Some clients have hooked the Zoom platform into their tvs and watch on the big screen! Your call.

Can you use a mobile phone? Yes. You will need to download the mobile Zoom App beforehand and get comfortable using it, finding the AUDIO OFF and VIDEO ON for your device. On your laptop, you just open the link.

What do I need for each class? Positive energy, focus, and commitment to following your best form. You need to listen to your body and go at a pace that works for you. You need enough space to move up, down, sideways, vertically and on the mat , dynamically and isometrically for 26 minutes plus cool down/restore. Wear comfortable clothes. Use a mat or rug. Sneakers are optional. Get water. Clear your path and mindset. Be near a wall or counter or chair if you like to hold onto something stable for support. Stay focused and listen to my coaching and directions.

How does the class end? After 26 minutes, we begin to stretch, cooldown and restore. We focus on framing our positive energy and well-being. You can turn on your audio the last few minutes if you have a question or comment. Then we say goodbye, and I log off and you go on with your beautiful energy and stay connected to the focus you established during our 30 minute online journey!

Voila. You are now officially ready to move in cyberspace. Let’s go BarrePilates Core & Retsore!