Zoom ONLINE BarrePilates Core & Restore Group Class Schedule MARCH 2019

March really comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb~~ we hope! So here’s your March schedule for online Zooming and Grooving! Get portable. Stay focused. Be in your best, actively engaged self.

Last Practice/Trial Classes~~

Friday, March 8, 5:15pm

Saturday, March 9, 4pm

**Contact me ASAP @ trifectabodywh@gmail.com if you are trying either Friday or Saturday so I can send you the link beforehand. Cut-off time to sign up for either practice class is Friday, March 8, 1pm.

Zoom together! Invite your spouse~ and gamechange your house!

March Launch Schedule

Effective 3/10-3/31!

Mondays, NOON~~ Zoom BarrePilates Core

Tuesdays, 8:30am ~ Zoom BarrePilates Core

Tuesdays, 7:15pm ~~ Zoom Core & Restore (More Stretch & Ahhh~Option to use your Foam Roller!)

Fridays, 5:30pm ~~ HappyHalfHour BarrePilates Core

ZooM Class Pass is $50 for March. Pass must be Purchased by 3/13 for this Month’s use.

Classes are 30 minutes Total (26 minutes Active/4 minutes Cool Down, Restore & Mindset Reset).