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Privates, Group Sessions, Policies & Fees~The 411!



Welcome to Florinda Ferguson Method.

Use this as a guide for your best access to custom program and forward wellness motion.

What’s new?

We LOVE the power of EVOLUTION! Think & Do BETTER each day.

Are You Ready to focus on greater 1)Sustainability 2)Simplicity 3) Success & Sanity for your life?

Yay for awesome, proactive movement and positive, forward energy! I am cultivating a more deliberate practice of action & empowered leadership in the Health & Wellness industry. It is fulfilling to create new programs and deliver the message and mission of life-long sustainable wellness at multiple levels. Join me on this journey. Let’s Be E.P.I.C. (Engaged, Present, Intentional, Clear) together. Are you willing and committed to Living in A.W.E. (Actively Aligned Wellness Energy)? Then CleanYourLifePlate with me, and move forward into J.O.Y.ful living. J.O.Y.=Just Own Your. Are you committed to that end?

In Studio Options~~Privates & Group Sessions:


Clients can train in Private Sessions for E.P.I.C. Well-Being & Well-Doing, BarrePilatesCore & Lifestyle Coaching (Includes Reformer Training), Wellness Development Entrepreneur Coaching (Includes option for BarrePilates Teacher Instruction).

Please contact Florinda Ferguson at trifectabodywh@gmail.com for your custom package for Private Sessions. Private, Single Sessions start at $85 per hour. Customize your life!

Group Sessions: Or, what we describe as Personal Training With Friends!

Clients can train in weekly Method Studio Group Sessions in BarrePilates, Core, Strength & Motion. Summer sessions are scheduled as available. Registration is required for all Group Sessions.

In addition to the in- studio model, how else can you practice Florinda Ferguson Method?

~~ Join Zoom, which is the new Online Class and Private Coaching Portal that offers another way to deliver training & program, by providing LIVE, online classes and privates, taught by me. Curious about Zoom? Go to the B.L.O.G. Your Well page up top and look for the Zoom post on Successful Zooming with Florinda Ferguson Method.

~~ Follow B.L.O.G. Your Well (Build, Learn, Organize/Own, & Grow). This is the written blogfile where you can read posts, stories and timely studio & universe wellness content. Check it out up top!

**THE 411 on In-Studio Privates and Group Sessions:

All Private Sessions have a 24 hour cancel window or the session is charged.

Studio Method Group Instruction Sessions vary in length and are between 45 - 60 minutes. Registration is required and closes 90 minutes before a class starts. Clients can register on the website by creating a free account with password, or by using the Mindbody App. Classes run with a minimum of 3 clients registered. Classes have a 12 hour cancel window or the pass is charged.

Group Sessions can be purchased in singles or in a multi-class pass. Group Sessions are used in within 60 days unless noted. If you are not a frequent user of the in-studio sessions, the single session is the best option.



FF Method BarrePiLates Group Signature Sessions

Please check the mobile app for the most up-to-datE WEEKLY SCHEDULE

All Levels

Our Signature BarrePilates, Strength, Motion & Mindful Method Classes are designed to incorporate best practice pedagogy, and Pilates principles of strength, stabilization, flexibility and motion training. Trifecta bodies are taught to truly actively engage the body from the inside out, and FIND and SUSTAIN THE WORK. Everything we love about functional movement and integrated strength is accessed using the breath, centering, alignment, engagement, concentration, control, fluidity, balance, and technique of both traditional and contemporary Pilates. FF Method training philosophy is extended through the grace and power of modern movement and smart environmental adaptations.  Clients practice dynamic, multi-planar, isometric, vertical and floor/mat sequences fused into each session. 
Classes vary, 45 - 60 minutes.


Please check the mobile app for the most up-to-date schedule.

All Levels

Our Express Version of the BarrePilates Signature Class. For those of you in need of a little more time, our 45 minute Express is all levels, and packed with BarrePilates strength and motion training, on and off the mat and barre.
45 minutes. 


F2 Pilates METHOD 

Please check the mobile app for the most up-to-date schedule.

All Levels

Need some deliberate muscle connection in your day? Our beloved method Pilates program incorporates a strong, vertical, dynamic warm-up, followed by multi-planar and full body Pilates MAT work! Our Mixer Classes incorporate dynamic Pilates and cardio interval options also. Learn to focus on activation and engagement of muscle groups as we develop best technique and strengthen from the inside, out. Find and establish your true Pilates core strength, stability and flexibility training with us and commit to the joyful journey of Pilates as a full body, mindful and powerful work-in.

45 or 50 minutes.




In-Studio Class Fees: 

  • Single Class   .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .    .   $22 

  • 5 Class Pack  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . .  .    $100      

    Other Passes Available Seasonally! 

Private Sessions:

55 Minutes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $90

30 Minutes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $50

*Customized Packages Available

 All fees subject to 6.35% CT sales tax. Class packs are 6 months use from           purchase unless otherwise noted and are transferable, not refundable.


Mindful Practice:

Please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to class and take off shoes before walking across the studio floor to get settled.
Wear comfortable clothing to move your best! Clients can either train in bare feet or in a non-slip sock. You may wear sneakers if necessary. Bring water. Trifecta Body provides Mats & Props. Please turn off all cellphones upon entering and prepare for focused, engaged, form-driven, muscle-shake and JOY.

We LOVE that you are making this commitment to your body, mind and spirit.We are here to provide the best experience possible as you cultivate and strengthen your wellness program.


Additional Studio Class Registration INFO:

Class size:  Trifecta programming is designed to maximize the teaching impact and experience by keeping the classes small. A typical class size is 10-12 clients, but can be larger or smaller.  

**Classes are not charged if a class is not held, or if there is a studio closing due to weather/snow emergency.

Waitlist Policy: 

Please be sure to check the waitlist notification if you are put on for a class. You will be contacted by the studio if you are moved into a class from the waitlist, and must confirm online or you will be charged the class, as the next person on the waitlist cannot be contacted until you respond.