“Each thing, as far as is in its power, always remains in the same state; and that  consequently, when it is once moved, always continues to move.”          ~ Rene Descartes, on the 1st Law Of Nature



Strength in Motion

Founded by Florinda Ferguson in 2012, Trifecta Body ™  is the first concierge, boutique, BarrePilates, Strength & Motion Studio in West Hartford, CT.  Trifecta is the studio voice  of Florinda Ferguson Method Training, ™  and specializes  in Movement with a Message. ™  We believe in cultivating a MOVING life full of joy, gratitude, balance, and purpose. Through consistent practice and application of the principles of Barre and Pilates, we work to create a more whole and well body.  Trifecta promotes high quality training and innovative programming, combined with premiere client relationships. We teach the body in front of us. 



Movement with a Message

Our philosophy of proactive, positive energy & engaged, movement sustainability informs and guides our core teaching and practice.  We seek to empower all clients to better connect to themselves and their surroundings.  The Trifecta journey and message is about creating & supporting strong, balanced, whole, mindful, committed beings, who have the power both as individuals and communities to move forward, purposefully, on the arc of all that is good, right, kind, generous, compassionate and joyful in the universe. This begins with an awareness of the importance of self-care and love, and extends outward.  


escape + reemergence

Escape to Remerge

The reason to escape from the constant chatter, relentless noise, and ‘busyness’ of daily existence, is not so you can hide & tune out, but rather so that you can rebuild and re-emerge. By incorporating the Trifecta message & program into your life, you choose to rebuild & re-emerge with greater purpose, renewal, restoration, reinvigoration and reconnection to your body, mind & spirit. We've got you, and you've got this.